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Darek (Dariusz) Gniadek started a scheme two years ago posing as a financial advisor with clients in Itasca Illinois.After following for several months, I began to trade on his advice through posts and emails daily.

He charted and gave calls for a small fee or donation. He started this blog and gained a few hundred followers for a fee, then after months of losing and bad calls everyone complained and questioned him. He changed the blog and wrote a long disclaimer stating his lack of credentials and responsibility for losses. He has no credentials and never worked as an advisor.

He is running a pump and dump scheme and collecting lots of fees along the way. He gets people into a highly volatile position and pushes them to remain for months while he is shorting and making lots of money from you. You can google him and the site, and there are hundreds of pissed off former members. Always new ones coming in falling for the lies.

It is completely immoral.

Once it went really bad, he removed the bad posts and even had multiple aliases of his own praising his work.He will drop it soon and come back with another site.

Review about: Financial Advisor.



The website is great and very helpful IF you use stops and proper risk management.Going all in on a stock isn't recommended, ever.

The blog fee is much lower than what nearly all other blogs charge.Plus, it's just a blog.

to Joe #669307

C'mon, you suddenly pop up on every negative site, after never posting on his blog, just to defend his every move? We all know this is PG up to his old tricks using aliases to defend himself! Lol, clown.


Darek is a scammer, pure and simple.He plays the foreigner card broken English thing to a tee!

Then he somehow posts later in perfect English when not thinking about his scam. His idea is to plagiarize other sites, make huge calls, collect fees, and then when the calls never hit he just changes them and tells you that you misunderstood. He has maybe 12 posters left who are just scared that one day he will be right and they will miss out. There are dozens of former "clients" who lost their live savings over the past two years.

Now, he is no longer an advisor with credibility.

He changed his page to state that he has no formal training to advise.Stay away.

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